A support group for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide.

National Suicide Hotline: 1 800 273 TALK

Honoring a Loved One

If you would like to honor your loved one with a brief message and image please email Bernie

Rebecca Lucia


January 14, 1977 – October 19, 1999
Her memory will always be in our minds and forever cherished in our hearts
Such a wonderful and kind spirit can not be gone forever just in a different place–you are missed

William Wayne Cox


November 2, 1987 – November 10, 2003
There are no words that can even begin to describe my loss and the tragic ending of his life, as he died by suicide on November 10, 2003.
I will always love ‘My Wayne’


Michael William Bernstein


September 18, 1971 – May 5, 1992
Forever in our heart & our memory …
We think of you often & miss you dearly …
Your loving Parents, Brother, Sister, Family, Friends

Never to touch your hand or hear your voice is the greatest hurt.
Living with just your memory is so unfair.